Designed to blend with the placket on the front of your shirt, our unique Tie Straps work by attaching the loop on the back of your tie to the buttons of your shirt. Still allowing enough movement that the tie does not look restrained, it holds the tie in place and prevents excessive and unwanted movement (over your shoulder or into your dinner).


All Tie Straps come delivered in a branded Porter Pepperell pouch for safekeeping.


1. Wearing your shirt and knotted tie, attach your Tie Strap to one of the shirt buttons closest to the tie loop on the back of the necktie.


2. Thread the Tie Strap through the loop on the back of your necktie.


3. Attach the remaining Tie Strap button hole to the adjacent button on your shirt. 

Selection of 5 Tie Straps

Strap 1
Strap 2
Strap 3
Strap 4
Strap 5
    • 100% cotton.
    • Width: 2.5cm
    • Length: 12cm