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What is a seven fold tie video


Sometimes referred to as a Chairman’s tie, seven-fold is the traditional method of producing the modern iteration of the necktie that originated around the 17th Century.

In the past, a sartorial gentleman would keep a selected bolt of fabric at his haberdasher and he would cut your ties as requested.

Crafted entirely by hand, the seven-fold tie is just that. One large piece of silk folded seven times into itself and slip stitched together. The result is an accessory that is not only steeped in genuine craftsmanship but also exceptionally stylish. 

Duke of Windsor Seven Fold Tie
Oscar Wilde Seven Fold Tie

Traditionally reserved for the sartorial elite a seven-fold necktie requires over three times the silk of a standard tie and takes more than three hours to produce. This abundance of silk through the entire tie creates a superior knot and luxurious drape.

Modern production methods and cost-cutting mean standard ties are composed of far less silk than their seven-fold counterparts. Standard ties often use a cheaper alternative to mulberry silk, are folded only twice, then lined with polyester. The resulting tie lacks durability and longevity. At Porter Pepperell we line all of our ties with high-quality wool to give the tie slightly more weight than silk alone offers.

Silk Weaving Seven Fold Ties

Experience has shown us that many brands offering seven-fold ties apply the same cost saving manufacturing methods used in production of standard ties. The silk is cut away from the neck of the tie and the seven folds are only at either end (see below).

This results in a better drape but without the silk folds extending all the way through the neck, the knot will always be inferior. If you are already a seven-fold connoisseur, check the neck of the ties you have in your possession. The slip stitch through the middle of the tie should never be tight enough that you cannot gently pull the silk apart and check if all seven folds extend through the neck.

Other Folding.gif


(Without the seven folds through the neck)

At Porter Pepperell we believe a well-chosen, quality necktie has the ability to transform any outfit and convey the individuality of the wearer. A fully seven-fold tie is a sartorial choice and exudes knowledgeable confidence.

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What is a seven fold tie
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