Porter Pepperell ties are handcrafted by our specialists using the traditional seven-fold method. Taking ten times longer than the conventional tie making process and using more than double the amount of silk. Each tie takes over three hours to construct. 


We take a large length of exclusively designed mulberry silk and fold it seven times into itself, pressing each individual fold to give the tie its shape. The two sides of the tie are then slip stitched together to hold them in place. The result is a tie made with an abundance of silk giving a luxurious drape and tying a superior knot. 


Porter Pepperell ties are superior in their nature. Unlike most seven-fold ties currently available, the folds of our ties extend the entire length of the neck giving weight to the tie and allowing the wearer to tie an exceptional knot. 

Flame Red Plain Woven

    • 100% mulberry silk.
    • Lining 100% wool.
    • Width: 9cm
    • Length: 157cm