Follow these simple care tips and your necktie will last another generation.

On a recent (socially distanced) visit to see my Uncle, the topic of what constitutes a good necktie arose. He proceeded to produce a tie from his wardrobe that was circa 1980. Now the pattern wouldn't necessarily be to the taste of a 2020 connoisseur (think 80s retro, geometric gettoblasters and you're on the right track) but it got me thinking. The tie itself was still in great condition, a little thinned over the years, but nonetheless still perfectly usable. If cared for properly your favourite necktie can last a generation or more.


1. Never leave your tie knotted once removed. This will warp the delicate silk and lining and create permanent creasing.

2. Always hang your tie flat for 24 hours after wearing the tie to allow any perspiration to escape.

3. Where possible avoid wearing your tie on consecutive days. This break from wearing your tie will allow it to fully return to its original shape.

4. NEVER iron your tie. If the need to remove creases arises, gentle hold your tie in front of a steam iron and let the steam do the work for you. Never place the tie directly onto the ironing plate.

5. Only ever dry clean your silk tie. With proper continued care the need for dry cleaning should be minimal and only necessary in the even of staining.

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